Legal Affairs programme of work

Programme summary

The Office of Legal Counsel

Developing, strengthening, and harmonising nuclear legislation

The Office of Legal Counsel

Interpretation and modernisation of the international nuclear liability regimes

Office of Legal Counsel works with the NLC and the Contracting Parties to the Paris Convention to support modernisation of the international nuclear liability conventions, assist states with interpretation issues of these conventions, encourage broad adherence and contribute to finding solutions to conflict with other legislation.

It advocates ratification and implementation of the

Nuclear law information

The Office of Legal Counsel provides current, online information on national legislation, regulatory and institutional frameworks and international protocols and conventions on nuclear activity and liability issues.

The NEA Nuclear Law Bulletin is published twice a year and includes the following:

Education programmes

The International School of Nuclear Law (ISNL) is a two-week diploma programme run annually by the NEA and the University of Montpellier 1 and supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Covering essential aspects of international nuclear law, it is designed for students and professionals in the field.

International Nuclear Law Essentials (INLE) is a one-week program run by the NEA covering contemporary issues in international nuclear law for experienced professionals.

Support to NEA programmes and projects

The Office of Legal Counsel provides advisory, negotiating and drafting services to NEA management and to officials responsible for carrying out NEA programmes and projects, including international joint projects in nuclear safety, radioactive waste and radiological protection.


Last revised: 13 June 2016