Benchmarking of CFD Codes for Application to Nuclear Reactor Safety (CFD4NRS)

Workshop Proceedings
Garching (Munich), Germany
5-7 September 2006

A1 Plant Applications

1. M. Böttcher (FZK): Detailed CFX-5 Study of the Coolant Mixing Within the Reactor Pressure Vessel of a VVER-1000 Reactor during a Non-Symmetrical Heat-Up Test

2. I. Boros, A. Aszódi (Budapest University): Analysis of Thermal Stratification in the Primary Circuit with the CFX Code

3. E. Romero (Rolls-Royce PLC): CFD Modelling of a Negatively Buoyant Purge Flow in the Body of a Reactor Coolant Circulator

4. G. Légrádi, I. Boros, A. Aszódi (Budapest University): Comprehensive CFD Analyses Concerning the Serious Incident Which Occurred in the PAKS NPP in Spring 2003

B1 Advanced Reactors

5. T. Morii (JNES): Hydraulic Flow Tests of APWR Reactor Internals for Safety Analysis

6. R.W. Johnson (INL): Modelling Strategies for Unsteady Turbulent Flows in the Lower Plenum

7. H.S. Kang, C.H. Song (KAERI): CFD Analysis of Thermal Mixing in a Subcooled Water Pool under High Steam Mass Flux

8. K. Velusamy1, K. Natesan1, P. Selvaraj1, P. Chellapandi1, S.C. Chetal1, T. Sundararajan2, S. Suyambazhahan2 (1Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, 2Indian Institute of Technology Madras): CFD Studies in the Prediction of Thermal Striping in an LMFBR

A2 Benchmark Exercises

9. M. Andreani1, K. Haller1, M. Heitsch2, B. Hemström3, I. Karppinen4, J. Macek5, J.Schmid5, H. Paillere6, I. Toth7 (1PSI, 2GRS, 3Vattenfall, 4VTT, 5NRI, 6CEA, 7KFKI): Benchmark Exercise on the Use of CFD Codes for Containment Issues Using Best Practice Guidelines: A Computational Challenge

10. T. Toppila (Fortum Nuclear Services): CFD Simulation of FORTUM PTS Experiment

B2 CANDU Reactors

11. H.S. Kang (KAERI): CFD Analysis for the Experimental Investigation of a Single Channel Post-Blowdown

12. H.T. Kim, B.W. Rhee, J.H. Park (KAERI): CFX Simulation of a Horizontal Heater Rods Test

A3 Novel Applications

13. U .Graf, P. Papadimitriou (GRS): Simulation of Two-Phase Flows in Vertical Tubes with the CFD Code FLUBOX

14. Y.A. Hassan (Texas A&M University): Large-Eddy Simulation in Pebble Bed Gas-Cooled Core Reactors

B3 Containment Issues I

15. I. Kljenak, M. Babić, B. Mavko (Jozef Stefan Institute): Prediction of Light Gas Distribution in Containment Experimental Facilities using CFX4 Code: The Jozef Stefan Institute Experience

16. S. Kudriakov1, F. Dabbene1, E. Studer1, A. Beccantini1, J.P. Magnaud1, H. Paillère1, (1CEA Saclay, 2IRSN): The TONUS CFD Code for Hydrogen Risk Analysis: Physical Models, Numerical Schemes and Validation Matrix

A4 Boron Dilution

17. S. Kliem, T. Sühnel, U. Rohde, T. Höhne, H.-M. Prasser, F.-P. Weiss (FZR): Experiments at the Mixing Test Facility ROCOM for Benchmarking of CFD Codes

18. T.V. Dury1, B. Hemström2 and S.V. Shepel1 (1PSI, 2Vattenfall): CFD Simulation of the Vattenfall 1/5th-Scale PWR Model for Boron Dilution Studies

19. E. Graffard, F. Goux (IRSN): CFX Code Application to the French Reactor for Inherent Boron Dilution Safety Issue

B4 Containment Issues II

20. E. Porcheron, P. Lemaitre (IRSN): Experimental Study of Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfers in a Spray in the TOSQAN Facility

21. J. Malet1, P. Lemaitre1, E. Porcheron1, J. Vendel1, L. Blumenfeld2, F. Dabbene2, I. Tkatschenko2, (1IRSN, 2CEA): Benchmarking of CFD and LP Codes for Spray Systems in Containment Applications: Spray Tests at Two Different Scales in the TOSQAN and MISTRA Facilities

22. M. Houkema, N.B. Siccama (NRG): Validation of the CFX-4 CFD Code for Containment Thermal-Hydraulics

A5 Mixing in Primary Circuit

23. T. Höhne, S. Kliem (FZR): Coolant Mixing Studies of Natural Circulation Flows at the ROCOM Test Facility Using ANSYS CFX

24. S.K. Chang1,2, S.K. Moon1, B.D. Kim1, W.P. Baek1, Y.D. Choi2 (1KAERI, 2Korea University): Phenomenological Investigations on the Turbulent Flow Structures in a Rod Bundle Array with Mixing Devices

25. J. Westin1, F. Alavyoon2, L. Andersson3, P. Veber3, M. Henriksson1, C. Andersson4 (1Vattenfall, 2Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, 3Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå, 4Ringhals): Experiments and Unsteady CFD-Calculations of Thermal Mixing in a T-junction

B5 Containment Issues III

26. P. Royl, J.R. Travis, W. Breitung (FZK): Modelling and Validation of Catalytic Hydrogen Recombination in the 3-D CFD Code GASFLOW II

27. H. Wilkening1, D. Baraldi1, M. Heitsch2 (1EC-DG, JRC, 2GRS): On the Importance of Validation when Using Commercial CFD Codes in Nuclear Reactor Safety

28. R. Redlinger (IKET): DET3D – A CFD Tool for Simulating Hydrogen Combustion in Nuclear Reactor Safety

A6 Stratification Issues

29. T. Wintterle1, E. Laurien1, T. Stäbler2, L. Meyer2, T. Schulenberg2 (1University of Stuttgart, 2FZK): Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Counter-Current Stratified Flows in Horizontal Channels

30. L. Štrubelj, I. Tiselj, B. Končar, (Jožef Stefan Institute): Modelling of Direct Contact Condensation in Horizontally Stratified Flow with CFX Code

31. C. Vallée, T. Höhne, H.-M. Prasser, T. Sühnel (FZR): Experimental Investigation and CFD Simulation of Horizontal Stratified Two-Phase Flow Phenomena

B6 Code Validation

32. Th. Frank1, P.J. Zwart2, E. Krepper3, H.-M. Prasser3, D. Lucas3 (1ANSYS Germany, 2ANSYS Canada Ltd., 3FZR): Validation of CFD Models for Mono- and Polydisperse Air-Water Two-Phase Flows in Pipes

33. V. Ustinenko1, M. Samigulin1, A. Ioilev1, S. Lo2, A. Tentner3, A. Lychagin4, A. Razin4, V. Girin4, Ye. Vanyukov4 (1VNIIEF, 2CD-adapco, 3ANL, 4Sarov Laboratory): Validation of CFD-BWR: A New Two-Phase Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Boiling Water Reactor Analysis

34. U. Bieder1, E. Graffard2 (1CEA, 2IRSN): Qualification of the CFD Code TRIO_U for Full-Scale Nuclear Reactor Applications

A7 Boiling Models

35. B.J. Yun, D.J. Euh, C.H. Song (KAERI): Experimental Investigation of Sub-cooled Boiling on One Side of a Heated Rectangular Channel

36. S. Mimouni, M. Boucker, J. Laviéville, D. Bestion1 (EDF, 1CEA): Modelling and Computation of Cavitation and Boiling Bubbly Flows with the NEPTUNE_CFD Code

37. B. Končar1, E. Krepper2 (1Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, 2FZR): Simulation of Forced Convective Boiling in Heated Channels

B7 Containment Issues IV

38. P. Royl, U.J. Lee1, J R. Travis, W. Breitung (FZK, 1KAERI): Benchmarking of the 3-D CFD Code GASFLOW II with Containment Thermal Hydraulic Tests from HDR and ThAI

39. A. Dehbi (PSI): Assessment of a New FLUENT Model for Particle Dispersion in Turbulent Flows

Summaries of Technical Papers

Summaries of Technical Papers

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