NEA Mandates and Structures

Technical Review Group for the International Assay Data of Spent Nuclear Fuel Database

Chair(s): Ian C. GAULD, United States
Secretary:  Shuichi TSUDA
Member(s):All NEA member countries
Full participant(s): European Commission
Under the NEA Statute
Observer(s)(International Organisation): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
By agreement
Date of creation:31 January 2007
End of mandate:30 June 2019

Mandate (Document reference):

Mandate (Document extract):

Extract from document NEA/NSC/WPNCS/DOC(2018)1


The Technical Review Group will review the facilities available for measurement of isotopic composition of spent nuclear fuel, especially in the OECD member countries. The Technical Review Group will also analyse the SFCOMPO database in order to assess the current situation and the need for new experimental data.

The Technical Review Group will collect new isotopic composition data from PIE and input them, and their associated operating histories/data, into SFCOMPO. It will also review the format of the SFCOMPO database. The members of the Technical Review Group will provide the interface to contact specialists in their own country and in other international communities to identify and obtain new data to be included in SFCOMPO and used by the public.

The Technical Review Group will keep and archive original reports on any PIE data included in the SFCOMPO database, and add supporting technical references that were used in the original development. The NEA Secretariat services will be used to archive the experimental reports to be made available via the NEA website.

The Technical Review Group will provide technical advice in support of PIE activities in member countries and promote international collaboration in order to compensate for the fact that few PIE data are freely available. With the help of experts, the group will identify and define the methods for obtaining the different types of isotopic composition data (experimental techniques for dissolution, separations, mass measurements, etc.). The expert group will:

1) develop criteria and procedures to assure the quality of future experiments by identifying a set of minimum requirements for fuel characterisation and operating history data to qualify samples to be used in isotopic composition measurements; and

2) update the format used in SFCOMPO and investigate and confirm the quality of experimental data already available in the database.

Scope and Objectives for the Extended Mandate

Under the guidance of the Working Party on Nuclear Criticality Safety (WPNCS), the Technical Review Group has identified the following main areas under which it will conduct activities:


Meeting frequency

The Technical Review Group will meet on average once per year.

Links to other NEA bodies

Because of the importance of the assay data to many different areas of spent fuel management, the Technical Review Group consists not only of the WPNCS members representing nuclear criticality safety, but also members of the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) and the Integration Group for the Safety Case (IGSC), the main technical advisory body to the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) on the deep geological disposal of long-lived and high-level radioactive waste.